TYPE: Specialised BRAND: Lenalidomide Rowex ACTIVE INGREDIENT: Lenalidomide STRENGTH, PACK SIZE & GMS CODE: Lenalidomide Rowex 5mg Hard Capsules x 21: 89146 Lenalidomide Rowex 10mg Hard Capsules x 21: 89147 Lenalidomide Rowex 15mg Hard Capsules x 21: 89148 Lenalidomide Rowex 20mg Hard Capsules x 21: 89149   INDICATION: Multiple myeloma, Myelodysplastic syndromes, Mantle Cell lymphoma, Follicular lymphoma…

Bortezomib Rowex

TYPE: Prescription BRAND: Bortezomib Rowex ACTIVE INGREDIENT: Bortezomib STRENGTH, PACK SIZE: Bortezomib Rowex 3.5mg Powder for Solution for Injection INDICATION: Multiple Myeloma   Download Bortezomib Rowex SPC & Patient Information Leaflet  

Febuxostat Rowex

TYPE: Prescription BRAND: Febuxostat Rowex ACTIVE INGREDIENT: Febuxostat STRENGTH, PACK SIZE: Febuxostat 80mg Film Coated Tablets x 28 – 24704 Febuxostat 120mg Film Coated Tablets x 28 – 24705   INDICATION: Treatment of Gout   Download Febuxostat Rowex 80mg Film-Coated Tablets SPC and Patient Information Leaflet here Download Febuxostat Rowex 120mg Film-coated Tablets SPC and Patient…

Tadalafil Rowex

TYPE: Prescription BRAND: Tadalafil Rowex ACTIVE INGREDIENT: Tadalafil STRENGTH, PACK SIZE: 20mg Film Coated Tablets x 4   INDICATION: Treatment of erectile dysfunction in adult males. In order for tadalafil to be effective, sexual stimulation is required. Download Tadalafil Rowex 20 mg Film-coated Tablets SPC here Download Tadalafil Rowex PIL here


TYPE: Prescription BRAND: Piperin 4g/0.5g Powder for Solution for Infusion ACTIVE INGREDIENT: Piperacillin/Tazobactam STRENGTH & PACK SIZE: 4g/0.5g x 10   INDICATION: Anti-Bacterial Piperin 4g/0.5g Powder for Solution for Infusion SPC and Patient Information Leaflet